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Insight: The Secret To Success in Addressing Hashimoto's

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

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It's funny, because sometimes the advice and theory I learn about growing a successful business is often relevant and useful for my clients and their journey to wellness too. I feel a bit silly imparting business advice on my clients, but this recent insight is just too good and too true not to pass on.

The secret to success of addressing Hashimoto's is about committing to the long haul. Many people want a simple dietary protocol that will transform their health. But the truth is, Hashimoto's and other autoimmune conditions are too complex for that. Everyone has their own unique web of imbalances, across multiple systems in the body. They require a personalised plan that targets each section of their web. For the body to truly get back to its best; diet, lifestyle and environmental factors need to be addressed.

But there are three problems with committing to the long haul. One is success, one is failure and the third is that life gets in the way.

When you start to see success you'll get a complacent. You'll go back to living your life, quite understandably, and your habits will start to slip. Your progress will plateau, some symptoms may return and any further digging that you need to do will stop. What you need, are habits that you are willing to commit to long term. Whether you see success or not. You'll also need to commit to returning to your web whether you are seeing success or not.

The problem with failure, is that you come in ready and enthusiastic to address your wellness, but then progress is made more slowly than expected. You may come across some barriers and need to troubleshoot. You might learn something about your body that you weren't expecting, or test results may not give you the answers you'd hoped for. You'll start to feel lost and overwhelmed with no idea of what to do next. But by committing to the long haul you can keep returning to your health. It takes time to listen and understand our bodies and then build up the habits in order for them to thrive.

The other issue, is that life gets in the way. We can start our journeys to better health with a lot of promise, but then life hits us and we get distracted. Committing to the long haul, means that we have to be able to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Working on your health by yourself, funnily enough is like working for someone else. You can have a slow day at the office and no one will notice. But when working with a practitioner, it is like being the CEO of your health. There's nowhere to hide because the partnership keeps you accountable and in control.

I work with extraordinary, high-achieving women who are committed to the long-haul of working on their health. If that sounds like you, then you can book your FREE 30 minute call here to change the direction of your health now.

See you on the other side!

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