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Feel Like You Again

Everyone is different. No one experiences disease in the same way. It's vital that you dig for your own personal root causes and re-balance each system in a way that is specific to your needs. This of course will take time.

I have programmes to suit all levels of support.

From monthly calls to fortnightly check-ins with possible WhatsApp support on top and AIP coaching. I currently work online with 1-2-1 programmes but am in the process of developing several online courses that can guide you to improve your health whatever stage you are at. Signing up to receive my newsletter is the best way to stay in touch about my offerings.

I assess all aspects of your life from diet, sleep, exercise and medical history from birth, to stress, emotional trauma and exposure to toxins, moulds and infections and more.

​I work closely with your other healthcare providers including your GP to ensure an integrated approach and never recommend nutritional therapy as a stand-alone treatment. 

*Receive my free guide: 'How To Read and Understand Your Thyroid Labs' with every programme sign up


Below is a growing selection of wellness products that I love and recommend. Enjoy some offers that I have arranged for all of my clients and followers.
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