Feel Like You Again

Everyone is different. No one experiences disease in the same way. It's vital that you dig for your own personal root causes and re-balance each system in a way that is specific to your needs. This of course will take time.

I have programmes to suit all levels of support.

From monthly calls to fortnightly check-ins with possible Whatsapp support on top and AIP coaching. Health coaching is available free of charge in the more comprehensive packages. 

I am passionate about other natural therapies and have experienced myself the extra layers of healing they can offer your body. Therefore I am on a mission to provide access to other great practitioners who can help.

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What's Included:

  • Programmes last between 3 and 6 months.

  • Support options include: monthly or fortnightly calls.

  • AIP Coaching is a 6 week programme with options to extend

  • Essential and Advanced programmes include free health coaching

  • All consultations last up to one hour 

  • All clients have access to a secure online portal / phone app

  • A full health assessment will be taken looking at your current and previous medical history

  • Current blood test results can be read, analysed and interpreted

  • A 3-7 day food diary will be required

  • All plans include diet and lifestyle advice

  • GP referral letters can be written to request tests and assistance

  • Personalised recipes and meal plans are available if required

  • Resources and handouts 

  • Supplement and lab testing suggestions (cost is extra)

  • Additional therapies include: Psychotherapy, Homeopathy & Herbs.

All programmes include time spent outside of the consultation on research and putting a plan together.

Programmes must be used within 16 and 30 weeks of purchase respectively unless advised otherwise.

All programmes are to be paid for upfront and in full. Payment plans are available with discretion.

Payments can be made via BACS or credit card.

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What To Do Next:

Schedule a free call with me by selecting a package or visiting the Contact page

Book your free call via Practice Better.

You will receive an invite with my personal Zoom link.

At the scheduled time, join the Zoom call on the link provided.

If you decide to work with me, I'll tell you the exact steps you need to take to get started.


Cancellation Policy:

Programmes are to be paid upfront and in full at least three days before the initial consultation. If you would like to cancel the programme at any point after this there will be at least a £50 penalty fee to compensate for a lost appointment slot. All sessions used will be charged for at the standard rate of £100/ph. We reserve the right to refuse a refund for unused sessions and any refund will be made at the discretion of the practitioner.


All consultations are to be paid for in advance. There may be additional costs if supplements or laboratory tests are recommended, however these are optional and will be discussed during the consultation. Payment must be in full and made via BACS transfer or credit card. Payment plans can be discussed if required.

We only recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements from manufacturers and reputable brands who are certified with 'Good Manufacturing Practices' (GMP) and are supported by scientific research.