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What Is The Autoimmune Protocol?

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is a diet that aims to reduce inflammation, rebalance the gut flora, heal the gut lining and address nutrient deficiencies. It helps to restore immune function and reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease such as pain and fatigue. There aren't many clinical trials on the diet but many people report reversing their symptoms.


It's an hypoallergenic elimination diet that removes foods that can damage or irritate the gut lining or cause reactions and brings in the planets most nutrient dense and healing foods. It is used to find your own personalised diet. No foods are eliminated forever (except gluten for most) and each are reintroduced as the gut heals. The aim is to get you back onto the most varied diet possible that is suited to you.

It's not the easiest diet to do, but once done you will know what foods you specifically can tolerate.

As an AIP Certified Coach I can help you master the diet correctly, support you through it and give you recipes and meal plans to enjoy your meals while healing.

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Get Fully AIP Compliant

From sofa to fully elimination phase compliant in six weeks. 

Support with choosing Core AIP or the AIP Modified elimination phase.

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Personalise Your Diet

Bespoke package to support you in the way you need. This could be a set of instructions or full support every step of the way.

Food Packaging

Meal Plans

Get Organised

Support with recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, UK stores, and batch cooking support. Organisation is the key to success on AIP.

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My research into AIP and its benefits started a few months before I took the leap and hired a coach. Sarah stood out as she was extremely helpful on our first point of contact so when I decided to go for it and get help she was my natural first choice. Working with Sarah meant I could confidently explore the AIP lifestyle knowing I had someone to turn to for advice. I had previously tried AIP on my own and lasted only 8 days. I was completely overwhelmed,  my biggest worry being whether I was giving my body the correct nutrition it needed.


Sarah blew me away with her knowledge and friendliness, she gave me the very best options for my goal of optimal health and management of symptoms. She was also able to provide other options when my budget was a factor.


Working with Sarah has allowed me to achieve a level of health I couldn’t have achieved without her guidance. I feel as though I have been plugged in, I regained the energy levels I had not felt in ages and additionally the relief of knowing I could do this with diet and supplements was immense. I was determined to stay off of thyroid medication if possible. Being in control of my own health is beyond empowering and completely liberating and it was thanks to Sarah I was able to achieve this. In the long term I am still working with Sarah and will continue to do so to keep my health on track, knowing I can turn to her for up to date knowledge in this area is very comforting.


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