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Are you chronically stressed and overwhelmed? Are you putting eating properly at the bottom of the list, self-care on hold and addressing your non-stop pressures before the things you really need and want? Are you reaching for quick-fix food even though you know it’s not good for you? Is it making you feel exhausted, foggy, rundown and anxious? Are you tired of living life on the back foot, unhappy with your weight and left wondering where your glow went?


Sleep, think, move and feel better from today.

As a nutritional therapist, I use diet and lifestyle to rebalance your mind and body. I address each system and help you fuel them back to optimal function so you can get back to the life and family you love.

If you’ve been wanting to make a change but don’t know where to start, then take the first step now and book a free 30 minute call worth £50 and get the kind and caring support you need. We’ll have a quick review of your symptoms and put together a strategy that you can start today.


Abit about Me...

Sarah Brookes

Nutritional Therapist & AIP Coach


Hello, I'm a specialist in autoimmune thyroiditis but I am qualified to help you with any autoimmune condition. I'm also an AIP coach in case you'd like some guidance to nail one of the toughest autoimmune diets out there. I use nutrition and lifestyle medicine to help you reduce inflammation and rebalance the systems in your body to eliminate symptoms and manage your condition.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in 2016, I have now reversed all symptoms, reduced my antibodies by 80% and have given birth to a beautiful baby boy. I used diet and lifestyle as well as other therapies such as homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture to help rebalance my mind and body. 

I am on a mission to create access to everything you need to help you heal and live well with autoimmune disease.

Healthy Salad

Real success

requires change from the inside out...

Every single physiological and biochemical process in the body is governed by nutrition. The nutrients we eat build the physical structures of our body. Nutrients are essential not only for energy, but for growth, defence, repair and maintenance. They also become enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and more. Our food also feeds our gut microbiome, which has a huge impact on the major systems  and their function.

​Nutritional therapy can be used to help achieve optimum health and wellness, by addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that can affect the normal functioning of the body’s systems. Left for long enough, nutritional deficiencies can lead to disease, as the body is starved of the raw materials it requires to function as it should. 

I assess all aspects of your life from diet, sleep, exercise and medical history from birth, to stress, emotional trauma and exposure to toxins, moulds and infections and more.

​I work closely with your other healthcare providers including your GP to ensure an integrated approach and never recommend nutritional therapy as a stand-alone treatment. 


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Jane, 46

I've seen many top professionals and none of them took their time to really listen to me like Sarah did. She worked with my budget and give me a personalised plan that actually helped. For the first time in ages I am starting to feel better, thank you! I also really enjoyed my consults and felt really well supported. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone.

Tom, 43

Sarah is very knowledgeable and was extremely committed to helping me get better. I've really enjoyed her plans and recipes. She's completely changed the way I eat and live. I'm so glad I took the plunge. All of my symptoms have gone but we are continuing to optimise my gut health. I've learned so much and find it really interesting.

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