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Sensate Review: 5 Reasons Why I Think You Should Try

In my last Newsletter I shared that I had put a Sensate device on my Christmas list and I was lucky enough to have Santa deliver on that wish. So I thought, after a few weeks of trying it out I would give you my review on it.

What is Sensate?

It's the latest wellness device that is meant to help you relieve and manage stress, build resilience to stress and improve your sleep and help you feel calm. It has been developed by physicians and tested in clinic and uses infrasonic therapy to help your body's nervous system recover from daily stresses. The patented technology combines meditation music and vibration resonance to deliver immediate relaxation and resilience over time by toning your vagus nerve. The device doesn't work alone and does require linking to an app on your phone.

At first, I felt that EMF exposure didn't sit well with wellness, but then in reality who doesn't have their phone on them all the time anyway? It works using bluetooth, so in response to that concern I make sure my phone it half a metre away from me during the sessions.

How and When Could I use Sensate?

I use it as if and when I would meditate. I find meditating hard, so thought this device would make it easier - 1) to find the time and schedule it in and 2) to help me focus for an allotted time and gain the benefits of meditation. But it really does help with exactly that. Using the Sensate device is more like an activity and an experience, and in all honesty I feel less silly doing it. I've used it during my son's nap times, after a warm bath and just before bed. But you can use it anytime you've got a few minutes to recline / lie down and relax without any distractions.

I switch on the Sensate device, connect it to the app via bluetooth and choose the track I want to listen to. They have tracks to choose from between 10-30 minutes which is really handy and the vibrations play in tune to the track you are listening to, so you can get a different experience each time and a variety of resonance.

There isn't an endless list of tracks to choose from but on the positive side I don't think I'd want the trouble of choosing each time. So I quite like their quality not quantity approach.

Did I See Any Benefits?

They say you only need 10 minute daily sessions to see improvements and enhance your vagal tone, which I don't doubt but I would recommend 20-30 minute sessions instead to really see the benefits after each session and to really enjoy it. To be honest after 10 minutes I didn't want to stop, which is amazing when you think I struggled to find 10 minutes to meditate. I do it a couple of times a week instead of everyday.

After my first session I experienced deep relaxation and it was a very enjoyable and refreshing experience. I felt like I had gained the benefits of meditation without much effort and for that it's great! It lifted my mood as well as my libido, which was a very surprising and welcomed result (thyroid sufferers with low libido you may want to re-read that!) Other sessions done before bed definitely got me to sleep faster and improved my deep sleep. I have also noticed that stress seems to affect my body less. I used to feel aches and pains and more weary but not anymore, so I guess I am also building resilience to stress which is great.

Toning your vagus nerve can also help with digestion, motility and preventing SIBO and IBS. I've had SIBO myself and want to work toward preventing it returning, but I have also noticed an improvement in my motility and elimination after using it. So if you suffer from constipation I would also recommend using it for that.

Is The Sensation Pleasant?

I personally love the sensation of the vibrations on my chest. It feels therapeutic and healing, but I know of some people who don't like it.

My interest in the device came from my Cogence Immunology studies with Dr Sam Yannuck. He suggests using a TENs machine and attaching it to your ear to send vibrations down your vagus nerve to improve its tone. But this seemed a little complicated and I didn't know where to get the ear piece in the UK. So when I heard about Sensate this seemed the perfect solution, despite the cost. It was a much easier and enjoyable way to access the technology. My point here is that I had already been motivated to get access to the therapeutic resonance technology and had a very positive outlook towards the sensations.

Here's My 5 Reasons To Try Sensate:

  1. Build resilience to chronic stress

  2. Develop an easier and more enjoyable meditation practice

  3. Experience deep relaxation and calm after only 20 minutes and feel focused

  4. Improve digestion, constipation and prevent SIBO and IBS symptoms

  5. Improve the quality of your sleep and fall asleep more quickly

How Much Does It Cost?

Admittedly it is quite pricey at £199, but if you're struggling with chronic stress and illness such as Hashimoto's or another autoimmune disease, have a low resilience to stress or have trouble with relaxation, meditation and sleep then I would recommend you giving it a go. It can be really difficult. to address stress properly and effectively so for that it's a worthwhile investment.

If you have £180 to spare then you can use my personal discount code here to buy one a little cheaper.

Have you tried Sensate? Let me know your experience in the comments below.


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