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Homemade Kombucha Recipe

When it comes to fermented foods and drinks, Kombucha is one of my favourites. It's tangy, a little bit like a non-alcoholic cider and has a healthy yet refreshing sugar-free fizz. There's a real need for these drinks to go mainstream especially in bars and pubs as so often choices are limited to either alcohol, caffeine or sugar based drinks. Supermarkets are beginning to meet this need but generally Kombucha can be expensive. So if you're looking to do AIP on a budget, want to generally improve your gut health for less or even just enjoy making healthy food and drink yourself then this is the recipe for you!

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea drink that is said to have originated in the Far East - not a huge surprise as it is the home of green, black and white tea. It has been known as the tea of immortality - probably because it's fermentation process offers probiotic qualities that promote and maintain good gut health.

Keeping the gut healthy and balanced can help maintain health in all areas of the body, particularly the immune system, which is why nutrition for autoimmune conditions is particularly hot on implementing fermented foods.

The benefit of making it yourself also leaves you with the choice of how sour or tangy you want it and as you make it more and more you can work out at which point you'd like to stop brewing it. You can flavour it with whatever takes your fancy too.

If you decide to make it, let me know in the comments below how you like to flavour it and feel free to tag me on Instagram @autoimmune_hub.


  • 4-6 tea bags of green tea or 1.5 tbsp of tea leaves

  • 170g granulated sugar or coconut sugar

  • 1 scoby / packet of Kombucha starter culture

  • Add slices of fruit / ginger / or berries (optional)


  1. Put the tea bags in a 1 litre sterilised glass jar and add the sugar. Pour over 750ml boiling water. Stir well with a plastic spoon and allow the mixture to cool for 1 hour or until it reaches room temperature.

  2. Add the scoby, cover the container with a cloth / muslin / cheese cloth and leave in a warm place for 3-14 days to brew.

  3. After 3 days taste the brew. If it tastes fruity and not like tea, it’s ready. If not, leave it another day and try again.

  4. Strain the mixture, but leave a little of the tea in the container with the scoby so you can make another batch of tea to repeat the process.

  5. You can keep the ready-made brew in the fridge for up to four days. Serve with fruit / cucumber / mint - I treat it a bit like a Pimms sometimes!


1. For more details and info Farmdrop has a good article

2. Places to buy a scoby include: Happy Kombucha, Freshly Fermented and Amazon.

3. Brewing time will depend on room temperature but the liquid will become cloudy when ready.

To buy: I often recommend PJ Kombucha and Farmdrop

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