Realising there was a pressing need to help and support the epidemic levels of those suffering with one or more autoimmune (AI) condition, we decided to create a one-stop international hub of specialists that can help you heal in a multitude of ways. Nourish Well is based on nutrition because we believe that is the foundation of good health. However, diet isn't the only way to heal. We provide access to other practitioners that can add powerful layers to your healing journey.

There is a huge lack of awareness, research and central support in the UK, despite diagnoses increasing on average by 9% each year.

Our therapists have used their own knowledge and experience to improve their health as well as their patients. They've spent time and money on discovering what works and what is necessary, so that we can not only help you feel better, but we can also save you money.

Sarah Brookes Nutritional Therapist DipCNM, mANP, rGNC

Founder of Autoimmune Hub, Sarah is a specialist in autoimmune thyroiditis but is qualified to help anyone with any autoimmune condition. Patients with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are also welcome.

Diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis herself in 2016, Sarah has now reversed all symptoms, reduced her antibodies by 80% and experienced a successful pregnancy. She is also an AIP certified coach. Additionally Sarah has experience with PCOS, depression, IBS, IBD and Psoriasis. 

Sarah has a passion for the environment and living more sustainably as well as travelling, yoga, design, cooking and is a real foodie.


Available: Currently on maternity leave.

Location: SE London

Contact: sarah@autoimmunehub.co.uk

Instagram: @autoimmune_hub

Lydia Ghazali Nutritional Therapist DipCNM, mANP, rGNC

Lydia is a specialist in lupus, myasthenia gravis and raynaud’s phenomenon but is qualified to help anyone with any autoimmune condition including those still waiting for a formal diagnosis.


Lydia was first diagnosed with lupus over 10 years ago, which was accompanied by raynaud’s, and had later developed myasthenia gravis. By implementing changes to her nutrition and lifestyle, she successfully manages her symptoms to take back control of her health and enjoy her passions again which includes yoga, travelling and working with food.


Lydia also has experience in psoriasis, rosacea, rheumatoid arthritis and digestive issues.

Available: Monday - Friday, online or in person

Location: NW London

Contact: lydia@autoimmunehub.co.uk

Instagram: @lydiasgoodliving

Victoria Hamilton Nutritional Therapist


Victoria focuses her practice on neurological autoimmune conditions including multiple sclerosis and neurosarcoidosis but also has experience with vasculitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, psoriasis, vitiligo and alopecia.

Victoria has a degree in biochemistry and immunology and is passionate about health and wellness drawing from her own struggles with autoimmune disease since childhood. She is now mostly symptom free. Victoria has supported her brother with multiple sclerosis and has helped family members who suffer from sarcoidosis. 


In her spare time Victoria enjoys food, travel, pilates, health and fiction writing, and spending time with her dogs.

Victoria is qualified to help anyone with an immunological disorder and works with clients to optimise brain health and productivity.

Available: Monday - Friday online or in person

Location: SW and Central London

Contact: victoria@autoimmunehub.co.uk

Instagram: @theautoimmunitynutritionist

Dodo Kitching Homeopath MA RSHom

Homeopathy is a gentle and safe system of medicine that treats each patient as an individual rather than just treating the common symptoms of disease. No two people are ill in exactly the same way, and therefore Homeopaths look at the emotional and mental effects of the complaint, as well as the physical symptoms. 


Because they work in this way homeopaths generally don’t have a specialism and they approach each case as being unique.


Dodo has treated quite a few autoimmune disorders, including many thyroid cases who have responded wonderfully to homeopathic treatment, and has noticed that when homeopathy is used in conjunction with expert nutritional advice patients have had deep and lasting health changes.


Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Location: SE London

Contact: Available through referral

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