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I'm passionate about getting to know people and understanding what it is about their current diet and lifestyle that has caused them to feel unwell.

I qualified in naturopathic nutritional therapy at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and am based in SE London. All of my consultations are online, which are just as effective as face to face. I've had an interest in nutrition since around the age of 15 when I was picking up and reading all of the latest health and diet books that my mother bought.

I suspect I had hypothyroidism for most of my life. I was a fussy eater as a child and didn't eat many fruits and vegetables. I wasn't a fan of the outdoors or sports and exercise and experienced chronic stress throughout most of my life. Autoimmunity develops from a combination of genetics, poor diet and lifestyle, other environmental factors and damage to the gut lining.

At my worst, I was suffering from digestive issues, anxiety, low mood, weight gain, fatigue, PMS, sensitivity to the cold and poor circulation as well as back, neck and muscle aches. These symptoms and my final diagnosis was the driving force to finding a way to feel and look better. I had read about other people reversing their conditions with diet and lifestyle and I was inspired to do the same. 

So now I'm here to empower you to take control of your health, listen to your body, discover your triggers and root causes and start eliminating those symptoms.


Get back to your best and book a free 30 minute mini consultation with me. We'll discuss a strategy to help you start feeling better for life.

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How It Works

I'll take a full case history from birth assessing each system of your body, your current symptoms, diet and lifestyle habits. We'll discuss environmental exposures such as chemicals,  pesticides and heavy metals. I'll look at you movement, sleep, stress, current supplements and medication as well as your blood test results. We may touch on previous unresolved traumas, your budget, what you can manage and the level of support you'd like. Then I will put a plan together for you to undertake over the next couple of weeks.

I may suggest some testing and extra supplementation. I will always work alongside your current healthcare providers including your GP. I can write referral letters and provide you with lots of recipes, handouts and support. We'll work on this together and you can ask me all of the questions that you have.

I may also refer you to one of my other practitioners that can help you with other layers of healing. Jordan is a psychotherapist specialising in chronic stress and trauma and Dodo is my homeopath who has helped me and many of clients tremendously!

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Jordan Vyas-Lee
 Msc PsychResearch, DipCBT, EMDR

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Katie Holden 

Herbalist & Naturopath 



Dodo Kitching 



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